The Importance of Blogging: Your Golden Ticket to Connecting with Moms

Blogging. A way to interact with your target market beyond just selling your product. Today mothers and mom’s to be are bombarded with messages, advertisements, and an overload of information about parenting. Blogging provides an excellent way to build and foster relationships, while standing out from the clutter of information they receive. But the key to creating a presence that is desirable to read and follow lies in the heart of your content and the way you interact.


1. Be extremely useful. 

Consider your readers and dig dip into their minds to understand what they need the most. What solutions are they looking for? What are the biggest obstacles they need to overcome? What is the most interesting topic for them to read about?

This is KEY in formulating your content strategy. Blogs must be able to position themselves as a go-to resource to help them solve their needs. Make sure your content is practical, unique and not common-knowledge, stimulating, and interesting.


2. Make it short

We’ve all been there. Between juggling a hungry baby, cleaning up spills, and noticing the pasta boiling over, mom’s simply don’t have enough time in the day. In order to keep their attention, your content needs to be straightforward, easy to read, and short. Readers, especially moms, don’t have the time to commit 20 minutes to reading paragraphs to get to a point. Nor do they have the attention span. So keep it short, sweet, and scannable. Present it in a visually appealing way to be able to pick out the key points in seconds.


3. Engage!

Blogging and social media is ultimately about creating and fostering relationships with your target. And conversation can’t just be a one-way street, you gotta put in that effort, too! So make sure you ask questions, stimulate¬†conversations and feedback, comment on other peoples input and content, and share! If you find a great article on someone else’s site, don’t be afraid to link back to their blog. Make sure any comments/mentions/posts you write are positive and stimulating (no one likes a negative nancy). Keep it light and keep it nice, because parenting is already hard enough ūüôā


So, readers, what have you found to be essential to your blogging experience? Do you have any real-life experience with any of these tips? Feel free to share your view below!


Pregnancy Essentials: 4 Must Haves When You’re Expecting

Happy Friday Y’all!

Although pregnancy is one of the most special experiences of life, lets face it, it isn’t always easy. From stretch marks to sore backs, mamas need some go-to items to make these 9 months just a little bit easier.

I found this article which outlines 12 Pregnancy Must-Haves and decided to share my own top 4 pregnancy essentials. These items are reasonably priced and have honestly been LIFE SAVERS during the 7 months of pregnancy so far.

Check out my video here:

What is your experience with the items I mentioned? Are there any other items that you couldn’t live without during pregnancy? I’d love to hear about your experience!



Top 10 Parenting Hacks You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

Parenting is far from easy, we all know that. Have you ever found yourself questioning why there aren’t more hours in a day? I know from personal experience I’ve found myself running on nothing but caffeine, adrenaline, and two measly hours of sleep.

It can take a village, and some genius life-hacks, to raise a child.

I’ve searched the internet to come up with the web’s most helpful tips and tricks.¬†Below are my top 10 favourite parenting hacks which will help keep your children happy and your day just a little bit easier.

  1. Use shower tension rods to create a hideaway fort for your children to lounge in.46a48fdad01e2619d6d7696e64233ae3_reading-area

It’s cozy, comfy, and easy to assemble. They’ll spend hours reading books and telling stories with their flashlights.

Source: 8 Clever Uses For Tension Rods That Don’t Involve Hanging Curtains

2. Avoid dreaded bed time fights with this simple solution: The Bedtime Pass


How does it work?¬†Every night, give your child a the pass and¬†explain to them¬†that the pass is good for one excused departure from the bedroom per night. Whether they need to use the restroom,¬†want an extra¬†hug, need to talk about a¬†scary dream, whatever, after the pass is used,¬†they are not allowed to leave their room again. This is so simple yet reportedly successful. I found myself asking: “How did I not think of this before?!”

Source: The Bedtime Pass Helps Parents And Kids Skip The Sleep Struggles

3. This DIY portable bed for sleepovers and movie nights


It’s washable, easy to assemble, and¬†made out of items you probably already have in your house.

Source:DIY Pillow Hack

4. Use Sidewalk Chalk to Create Fun Murals on Your Trampoline

sidewalk chalk on trampoline

Your kids will spend hours happily occupied outside in the fresh air. This hack can also be used to create hopscotch squares for them to bounce into.

If you love this trick, there’s 49 other creative uses for your trampoline in the link below. Which one is your favourite?

Read more: 50 Things to Do on Your Trampoline

5. Create a lunch making station so kids can pack their own lunches


Label each¬†container for dairy (cheese & yoghurt), fruit & veggies, and mains (pita, PB&J, etc.). Then have different options and flavours available to choose from. Your children will be happy to pick their own lunches out and you won’t be getting any¬†complaining in the future.

Source: Back to School Organizing: Packing Lunches

6. Create a School Memory Binder to organize each years school documents, accomplishments and more.


The Year in Review page¬†has the date, a photo from that year, a handwriting sample, and space to record favorite memories/teachers/books/etc. Behind each divider page you can insert your child’s best drawings, projects, essays, and report cards. No mess and no lost documents!

Source: How to stay organized with a school memory binder

7. The Un-meltable Popsicle


Skip the mess and stained clothing by adding gelatin to your favourite summer treats. This popsicle is tasty and easy to make at home by using 1 package of Jell-O and replacing the cold water with fruit juice. Freeze for a few hours and voila!

Get the recipe here: The (Almost) Un-Meltable Popsicle

8. Use a sticker to help toddlers learn to put their shoes on the correct foot

By cutting a sticker in half and placing one piece inside each shoe, your toddler can visualize which shoe goes on which foot. Great for learning!


Source: 13 ways to make getting out of the door easier

9. Use baby powder to remove damp sand from your skin & toes


No more mess in the car or scratches on the skin. The baby powder absorbs the excess water which leaves the sand falling off.

Find other great hacks to make beach trips a ‘breeze’:¬†Great beach hacks for families

10. The perfect solution for boredom: pre-labled activity sticks.


Brainstorm a bunch of fun activities for your kids so that there is always inspiration on-hand if they run out of things to do. Which activities would you add?

Source: Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids

Hopefully these parenting hacks will come in handy for you as much as they did for me. I recommend creating a Pinterest board to collect similar tips & tricks and save them for the future. Are there any parenting hacks that have proved to be a total life saver for you? If so, feel free to share them with us in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by.

Blog Positioning – a Comparison

An interesting blog with a similar theme that I came across is:

Tracey Becker, the blog author, is a mother of three living outside of Chicago. She home-schools her children and is a co-producer of Listen To Your Mother Chicago. Her theme is similar to mine in that it discusses parenting and her journey as a mother.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.30.44 PM

Above: Author Tracey Becker and her youngest daughter. 

One aspect about her positioning that I find great is branding herself as an expert. Today there are hundreds of thousands of “mommy blogs” circulating the web. It is difficult to pinpoint why readers should choose your blog and why they should be interested in what you have to say. Tracey does a good job demonstrating her personal motivations for creating the blog and also various recognition her blog has received.

For example, on the home page she has a banner signalling “Featured Mamapedia Blogger”.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.30.39 PM

The also has three links to various television appearances and three links to articles/features written about her on the web. This is an excellent way to demonstrate credibility and to showcase her publicity.

This positioning approach is part of the reason I initially stumbled across her blog and took interest. By positioning herself as an influential voice in the mommy-blogging community, she differentiate herself from the masses and also highlights her accomplishments in order to instil trust and confidence in her readers.


Allow me to introduce myself

Hi, I’m Melissa. 23 year old mother-to-be. Also a full-time student, travel enthusiast, foodie, and lover of all things creative. I’m new to this “mommy stuff”. So I decided to create this blog to share my experience, tips, tricks, and DIY projects.

My goal with this blog is to showcase the humour of pregnancy and parenting, share ways to save money, publish cool projects and recipes, and also find life-hacks that will make the parenting game a little bit easier.

This is my wonderful husband, Dominic, and inside our little girl Brooklyn is growing. They are the motivation behind this blog.

I hope this can become a go-to site for other young & savvy mommies.

Thanks for stopping by!