The Importance of Blogging: Your Golden Ticket to Connecting with Moms

Blogging. A way to interact with your target market beyond just selling your product. Today mothers and mom’s to be are bombarded with messages, advertisements, and an overload of information about parenting. Blogging provides an excellent way to build and foster relationships, while standing out from the clutter of information they receive. But the key to creating a presence that is desirable to read and follow lies in the heart of your content and the way you interact.


1. Be extremely useful. 

Consider your readers and dig dip into their minds to understand what they need the most. What solutions are they looking for? What are the biggest obstacles they need to overcome? What is the most interesting topic for them to read about?

This is KEY in formulating your content strategy. Blogs must be able to position themselves as a go-to resource to help them solve their needs. Make sure your content is practical, unique and not common-knowledge, stimulating, and interesting.


2. Make it short

We’ve all been there. Between juggling a hungry baby, cleaning up spills, and noticing the pasta boiling over, mom’s simply don’t have enough time in the day. In order to keep their attention, your content needs to be straightforward, easy to read, and short. Readers, especially moms, don’t have the time to commit 20 minutes to reading paragraphs to get to a point. Nor do they have the attention span. So keep it short, sweet, and scannable. Present it in a visually appealing way to be able to pick out the key points in seconds.


3. Engage!

Blogging and social media is ultimately about creating and fostering relationships with your target. And conversation can’t just be a one-way street, you gotta put in that effort, too! So make sure you ask questions, stimulate conversations and feedback, comment on other peoples input and content, and share! If you find a great article on someone else’s site, don’t be afraid to link back to their blog. Make sure any comments/mentions/posts you write are positive and stimulating (no one likes a negative nancy). Keep it light and keep it nice, because parenting is already hard enough 🙂


So, readers, what have you found to be essential to your blogging experience? Do you have any real-life experience with any of these tips? Feel free to share your view below!


One thought on “The Importance of Blogging: Your Golden Ticket to Connecting with Moms

  1. heritagecityappliance says:

    I can so relate to the comment in your opening about being bombarded with advertising, messages and choices. The simple, straight forward message is so appealing, especially, If it is delivered with helpful insight that delves into a short and sweet exposit. I enjoyed your blog!


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