Allow me to introduce myself

Hi, I’m Melissa. 23 year old mother-to-be. Also a full-time student, travel enthusiast, foodie, and lover of all things creative. I’m new to this “mommy stuff”. So I decided to create this blog to share my experience, tips, tricks, and DIY projects.

My goal with this blog is to showcase the humour of pregnancy and parenting, share ways to save money, publish cool projects and recipes, and also find life-hacks that will make the parenting game a little bit easier.

This is my wonderful husband, Dominic, and inside our little girl Brooklyn is growing. They are the motivation behind this blog.

I hope this can become a go-to site for other young & savvy mommies.

Thanks for stopping by!



One thought on “Allow me to introduce myself

  1. kellytb says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I can relate! I am a full time student who has two little ones and one on the way, due in May. Plus, our two-year-old also has the darling name, Brooklyn. I loved “Brooke” since I was young and my husband suggested we add “lyn”, which I went for! On a random note, a movie came out in 2015, named “Brooklyn” and it looks good! I hope to buy it for my little girl to watch when she’s older. Maybe its a thing in my family though, unintentionally, our oldest is Troy and of course, we have the movie too!



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