Blog Positioning – a Comparison

An interesting blog with a similar theme that I came across is:

Tracey Becker, the blog author, is a mother of three living outside of Chicago. She home-schools her children and is a co-producer of Listen To Your Mother Chicago. Her theme is similar to mine in that it discusses parenting and her journey as a mother.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.30.44 PM

Above: Author Tracey Becker and her youngest daughter. 

One aspect about her positioning that I find great is branding herself as an expert. Today there are hundreds of thousands of “mommy blogs” circulating the web. It is difficult to pinpoint why readers should choose your blog and why they should be interested in what you have to say. Tracey does a good job demonstrating her personal motivations for creating the blog and also various recognition her blog has received.

For example, on the home page she has a banner signalling “Featured Mamapedia Blogger”.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.30.39 PM

The also has three links to various television appearances and three links to articles/features written about her on the web. This is an excellent way to demonstrate credibility and to showcase her publicity.

This positioning approach is part of the reason I initially stumbled across her blog and took interest. By positioning herself as an influential voice in the mommy-blogging community, she differentiate herself from the masses and also highlights her accomplishments in order to instil trust and confidence in her readers.



Allow me to introduce myself

Hi, I’m Melissa. 23 year old mother-to-be. Also a full-time student, travel enthusiast, foodie, and lover of all things creative. I’m new to this “mommy stuff”. So I decided to create this blog to share my experience, tips, tricks, and DIY projects.

My goal with this blog is to showcase the humour of pregnancy and parenting, share ways to save money, publish cool projects and recipes, and also find life-hacks that will make the parenting game a little bit easier.

This is my wonderful husband, Dominic, and inside our little girl Brooklyn is growing. They are the motivation behind this blog.

I hope this can become a go-to site for other young & savvy mommies.

Thanks for stopping by!